Stable custom waveski's - common beginner misconceptions

Stable macski waveskiStable vs. high performance macski waveski

The great thing about a custom waveski is that it really is just that, fully custom. Waveski surfers that are new to the sport think that a custom waveski refers to a high performance waveski. What a custom shaped waveski does mean is that board will be either hand or CNC shaped out of EPS foam and then masterfully glassed and finished off with epoxy resins. Custom also means that we are able to shape a waveski of any shape or size for any rider of any ability. After many years of making waveski's we have learned which boards will work best for which riders. As a result customers from around the world are able to order a new custom waveski without even ever coming anywhere near the factory in Durban, South Africa.

If the customer says that they are a beginner and just want a board to have some fun in small waves without falling over the whole time then we will make them a nice, stable, easy to paddle and easy to ride waveski. There are absolutely no limits with how wide or how stable the waveski can be which means that absolutely everyone should be able to ride a waveski if it is made correctly.

 We take the basic information like body weight, height and age and combine it with things like any previous waveski experience, type of waves to be surfed and what the rider is hoping to do on the waves they are riding.

We have made waveski's for disabled riders, riders with neurological balance disorders, 140kg riders and some people with just really bad balance. Our goal at Macski is to be able to get anyone no matter what their condition or ability to be able to experience the thrill of catching waves on a waveski.

For the customers that have tried a waveski before and they tell us that the one they used was perfect for them all they need to do is send us a few pictures and one or two measurements of that waveski and that will give us a good starting point for their new custom waveski. On the other hand, if they have none of this information then we will use our years of experience in the industry to help them to choose the best possible waveski shape and materials.

The easiest way for a customer to enquire about a new waveski is for them to fill in our online order form which will give us almost all of the information that we need for the shaping. Phone orders and face to face walk in customers are also welcome.

When a customer enquires about a new waveski we are able to give them a quotation for how much it will cost for the waveski as well as what it will cost to send it to them wherever they are located in the world.

Customers who are able to come and see us in person at the factory are a bonus. There are always so many exciting projects going on here and they are able to see a waveski in each stage of production as the boards move through the production line.

Don't let the fear of trying something new scare you, there is the right kind of waveski and the right size wave for everyone out there, come on, get in the water!

Getting positive feedback from our happy customers always puts a smile on my face!

"Ant !!! You are a genius. The board is fantastic. I cant believe how light it is and stable. The sea was rough today and she got through no problem. I was waiting to fall but it didn't happen. I almost got a speeding fine she's so quick and she turns on a dime. I see with the bent nose upwards the board actually gets airborne in front when you catch a wave and then settles, quite a cool feature. I am really so happy thank you. I was losing hope fast if I would ever find a suitable board and you have restored my faith.Thanks again sooo much"

Article by Ant Stott (owner and shaper for Macski Custom Waveski's)