The most valuable surfing tip I ever received.

After almost a lifetime of riding on oversized pop out waveski's without fins on foamy waves my transition to a custom waveski was not as graceful as it should have been.

Just after I got my first custom ski Ian MacLeod was visiting Durban and offered some coaching to a few of us newer, competitive riders. It was almost immediate that he picked up the common fault in all of our riding styles.

"Get your board onto its rails" he would drum into us again and again. Most custom waveski's have pretty sharp rails, almost like a surfboard. To reap the full benefits, speed and control of a sharp rail you need to dig it almost perpendicularly into the face of the wave. This is the is the position of least resistance allowing your ski to slice through the water rather than drag through.

Easier said than done though at first until you master the technique of lifting your outer hip and rail and thereby assisting your inner rail to dig into the wave. There you have it, you will feel an immediate increase in speed as your rail cuts through the water with very little of your board dragging in the wave.

Getting your ski onto its rail is something everyone should strive to perfect, it will give you a whole new feeling and perspective on what your waveski is actually capable of!

Now get out there and remember to GET ONTO YOUR RAILS!

on the rail