Sometimes you get then and sometimes you don't. It is with a tired body that I write this post. Who would ever have thought there is such a thing as too many waves.

This past weekend I could see the conditions lining up nicely so I decided to pack the car and head down to my parents home on the Kwa-Zulu-Natal south coast. I love going down there because when the surf is firing you don't have the crowds to jostle for waves with like you do when surfing in Durban. The crowded breaks in town have really been depressing me lately so I was desperate to get away.

Windguru was spot on with its predictions and the perfect morning surf conditions where followed by perfect noon conditions, perfect afternoon conditions and just as perfect evening conditions. Normally the tide will turn, the wind will pick up, or you will need to rush off somewhere for some or other reason. Not on this day though! This past Saturday I could surf for as long as my body could handle, well until it got dark actually. The surf was not massive but still powerful, clean, hollow, fast and consistent. Ideal really.

On Sunday morning I was greeted with the same perfect conditions yet again. What are the chances? Stoked I hit the waves again for as long as my body could handle. By the end of it my reason for abandoning was fatigue, how lame...

With my wave count overflowing I settled back into the working week fully content and wondering how my next surf session will compare to this last weekend of great yet powerful little waves!